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algNET - new gateway to online

Constantly growing world of online is bringing so much flexibility to the gaming, that it becomes difficult to surf that sea of settings, technical abilities and customisation. And with all the features available it is still lacking the true link to the sources.

To the casino floor where it all came from.

Coming from the brick-and-mortar business, mixed with the years of experience online and backed with the gaming floor enthusiasts and professional we believe that we found an algorithm that can help us to bridge two cultures and two mentalities of online and traditional gaming. And we've built algNET - the network bridging land based product to online space and allowing both sides to develop and communicate.

Unlike the most of the solutions at the market we are coming from the brick-and-mortar world and not wise versa: meaning our primary focus is on the land based experience and transposing it online. 

Unlike the most of the solutions we believe in full transparency of the pricing models: algNET is not just an electronic network - it is network of a people who would like to collaborate and open the new opportunities. We are happy when our land based and online partners meet each other to create new products and new ventures supporting the continuous growth of algNET.

We believe in developing and growing cross sale between online and traditional casino products and environment.

We believe in joint success that we build together with our partners.

We believe that there is a space for new combinations of products online and land based.


Working together - is an eternal algorithm of success!


Sincerely, algTeam



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New Links 
New Channels



Our network is built to help new distribution and retention channels to grow. Linking online and land based partners we change the meanings of traditional retention and acquisition approaches, bringing new opportunities to all parties


New Mix

of the

Old Ingredients


There is nothing significantly new not in the product offered nor in the technology used. Some may consider some of the solutions even outdated.

But we bring a new approach to the existing solution and level of "modernity" is based on demand and goals.

We bring innovations is optimisation of the process technically and financially.

We believe in success based on the mixture of experience and innovation.


Hit the Target




Depending on what you may need we will deliver you a product, new distribution channel, turn-key solution, optimise the portfolio.

We grow together with our customers and helping them to achieve their goals supports our growth and growth of the algNET we build





One of the keys to success is utilising the proper tools to manage efficiency, profitability and other KPI factors.

Not always all necessary instruments are available out of the box.

We help our customers and partners to get the complete solution matching their needs and leading to success. Even when it comes to our own games we may recommend using external aggregator services if it helps overall growth



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